#BellLetsTalk A good cause AND marketing genius

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So, Bell Canada today is running a social media campaign called #BellLetsTalk which includes a promoted trend. So far, it has been incredibly successful. The good cause? Metal health.

So, their good cause is donating money money to mental health. How much money? If we went ONLY on retweets of that tweet (49,478 at the time), we’re looking at over $2400.

We need to also take into consideration all the tweets using the hashtag AND text message. Yes, they doubled the fun by also donating 5 cents for every text sent today. So what does that look like? Well, at noon today they posted:

With those numbers, we’re looking at over $861,000! So, clearly, the whole good cause thing is working out well.

But, lets be honest. Companies don’t run these campaigns because they suddenly feel charitable. Not to mention, promoted trends are NOT cheap. Really what this comes down to is marketing genius. The positive exposure Bell is getting today on twitter is worth much, much more than the $861,000. They are actually saving money in the long run because to run an advertising campaign that hits this many people with such a positive message about the company would be in the millions easily.

I applaud Bell’s generosity, and I’d also like to congratulate whoever is getting a nice fat bonus for thinking of this campaign.

UPDATE: The campaign continues to be a huge success. Even Rogers, Bell’s biggest competitor, left a nice tweet for the occasion,

And how are the numbers doing?

$1.75 Million raised so far. Go Bell, Go Canada.


$4 Million dollars.

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