PHP: includeIfExists

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This snippet of code was inspired by a tweet by Brad Frost (@brad_frost).

So, upon seeing this, I decided to throw something together. I took the Count Lines of Code function, which was very similar in concept, and modified it to meet these requirements.

function includeIfExists($path,$filename) {
   $found = "false";
   $items = glob(rtrim($path, '/') . '/*');

   foreach($items as $item) {

       if (is_file($item)) {
           if(substr( $item, ( strrpos( $item, "/" ) +1 ) ) == $filename){
				$found = "true";
				include $item;
       } else if (is_dir($item)) {
           if(includeIfExists($item,$filename) == "false"){
		   } else {
				$found = "true";

	return $found;


This function will return a literal string of “true” or “false” if it is found, so if you wanted to, you could do some kind of logic for if the file isn’t included.

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